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Hitoshi Saito
                          It blows.
 I made these maquettes by 9mm x 9mm stainless square pipes.
Usually the pipes you can get are not polished inside. I use many tools such as sandpaper, a file in order to polish inside.
It takes a lot of time to make these. Some of them are sold out so please wait for about 7 - 8 weeks until I make the same one if you'd like to purchase it. Please simply contact me by e-mail or fax if you consider purchasing.

No. 1                            H. 63cm

No. 2               H.66cm

No.3                                               H. 65cm

No. 4                                H. 63cm

No. 5                                  H.55cm

No. 6                                  H. 82cm

No. 7                                  H. 66cm

No. 8                                  H. 65cm

No. 9                                  H. 65cm

No. 10                                  H. 65cm

No. 11                                H. 65cm


No. 12                             H. 70cm

No.13                                  H. 65cm

No.14                                  H. 65cm

No.15                                 H. 65cm

No.16                                  H. 60cm

No17                               H. 65cm

No18                                H. 65cm

No19                                 H. 65cm

No20                                H. 65cm

No.21                                 H. 65cm

No. 22                                  H. 65cm

No. 23                                 H. 65cm

No. 24                                  H. 65cm

No. 25                                  H. 65cm

No.26                                 H. 65cm

No. 27                                 H. 65cm

No. 28                                H. 64cm

No. 29                                 H. 64cm

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